Sunday, September 26, 2021


169 Million.

That’s the number of women in the United States alone. Globally, there are 3.76 billion women. It’s amazing to me that, with the number of women in the world, there are still stereotypes for what a woman “should” be. Add to that the often unreasonable standards that women place upon their lives for what they “should” be. Then compare your life to your friends’ lives, as pictured on social media, and watch examples of what you don’t want to be as well as examples of women who are excelling in ways that could only be dreamed about. Then, stream and binge television that is still widely populated by skinny white women. Fashion and fitness magazines as well as countless videos on YouTube will show what expectations are for women for beauty, clothes, eating and exercise. Fact: there are 31 million YouTube channels as of 2020 and statistically speaking, women are primarily watching beauty videos.

Stop! Let me off! Is it any surprise that it’s frustrating to be a woman? Fortunately, there is a population of women who can appreciate themselves for who they are. Developing the habits they like and doing what appeals to them.

Well, I believe that you should be who you are made to be. Thus, That Domestic Chick is a place for women to celebrate the uniqueness of their lives and how they are created. This is a cross-demographic, cross-cultural, and cross you-name-it blog where all gifts and talents are appreciated. You are valued for the things you enjoy doing, and how you contribute to the world. Whether it’s global finance, black hair care, minimalist living, coding, reading, off-road bicycling, or the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, That Domestic Chick is here to encourage you in how you are awesomely and wonderfully made.

I’ll share what I like, guest bloggers of all ages will add their likes, and profiles of women who are valuing themselves for what they’re like will fill the pages of That Domestic Chick. Welcome!


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