Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Fun and Oh-So-Easy Fall DIY – Stamped Books

I love when something is incredibly easy and looks good.

So first of all shout out to my daughter Alisha, who showed me this very easy DIY fall decorating idea.  If you want a fun, trendy DIY, this is your ticket to happiness.

Stamped books is everywhere on Pinterest and Google.  You can buy them, but it’s easy and fun to make them yourself.  You’ll need:

Books that you can paint (I bought 2 hardbacks and a soft at a thrift store for $2.50), and ribbon or jute

White acrylic paint and a foam brush

A set of letter stamps (craft stores for about $20) OR letter stickers

Set up a place where you can paint and not ruin anything.  I poured my paint into a paper plate and used my foam brush to cover the book covers and pages.  I’d go two light coats rather than one super heavy coat.  You do want to have full coverage so that no cover elements don’t show.

Let dry and carefully place your stamps or stickers.  Use your ribbon or jute to tie together.  I did not glue my books together because I will reuse them for Christmas in a different arrangement.

Why I Didn’t Use Stamps: The farmhouse look is super popular, and it’s an attractive look.  But I’m kind of a glittery girl, so I picked out letter stickers in gold glitter.  I love how it turned out.  Another step you could take would be to put a coat of Hodge Podge (clear craft glue) over the letters.

Would I Do It Again:  Definitely!  In fact, there are about a million ways this could be interpreted.  I have seen a stack of books with each of the reindeer’s names on them, of course with Rudolph in red ink; books painted pink and white for a nursery with height, weight, and birthday for a nursery;  if you can think it, you can do it.

Try it and post your pics on That Domestic Chick Facebook page!  Or tag us on Instagram, @thatdomesticchickig.

Terri Brown
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