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Hi I’m Chelsea.

I am a wife, and stay at home mother living in Florida raising a sweet little girl. I am a maker at heart and most content when I am creating something with my hands. We spend our days learning to be more mindful, exploring in nature and working towards a sustainable lifestyle. Creating beautiful things using recycled materials is something I am so passionate about! I find so much joy in re-purposing, it’s good for your brain and the planet!

For one, recycling helps protect the environment. It reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials, all of which create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Using recycled materials uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials. Plus when we recycle, we send less rubbish to landfill sites!
Which brings me to my first recycled project: Cardboard!
I like to save as many boxes and cardboard pieces as I can since they can be used in so many different ways. While my daughter was napping one day, I decided to make her a tv that SHE could star in! I  looked up tv styles for inspiration and settled on a mid century type look, cut all the pieces, glued them together, then used a marker for the finishing touches. When I surprised my daughter with it she was THRILLED! And as I watched her imagination light up being on tv I knew this was a project well done. This is obviously one of many things you can create using recycled cardboard, but I thought this was definitely worth sharing especially if you have little ones!
Sustainable and fun party favor!
Winnie and her “co-host” on her TV
My second project came to mind when planning my daughter’s second birthday. We wanted to throw her a party with friends and family present but didn’t want to fall into the consumer trap of cutesy decor or perfectly themed items that can really only be used once.
I don’t have much experience in throwing kid birthday parties since my daughter is only 2, but I figured giving a little “thank you for coming favor” would be a nice gesture. We don’t give our daughter candy or processed foods, so a goodie bag of treats was out of the question. I remembered that I had 10 small mason jars sitting in our cabinet and thought “what if I made my own bubble solution and used these jars to give them in?” Winnie loves bubbles, but the brightly colored plastic bottles they come in, the undisclosed ingredients, the terrible plastic wands that make it impossible to not be covered in sludge once you manage to get it out of the bottle, make it a huge pass on my end! So I decided to use the jars and make my own wands out of sticks collected in the yard and wrap them in wire I had laying around in my craft drawer. Regardless of the shape you make, the bubbles will still end up being round; I just thought a heart would be super cute. I had to play around with the solution a little but found that 1 part dish soap, 3 parts water, and enough vegetable glycerin to keep the bubbles intact worked perfectly. This is not only easy but 1,000 times more beautiful to look at. Plus makes the perfect eco friendly gift, because when the solution runs out you have a reusable jar for countless other things!
My last project, I think is fun for all ages. I have always admired people who weave and have tried my hand at making adorable tiny sweaters, scarfs, even a simple blanket and to my surprise- threw it every time out of frustration because I could not get the hang of it! So if this is you, then a stick weave might just be up your ally. Obviously my 2 year old is a little too young to comprehend a weave project but she absolutely loves collecting sticks! So for this project you can totally include your little ones and they may be thrilled to find the perfect stick! And again everything you need for it you most likely already have on hand! We’ve made these as decor, toys, even given as gifts to friends and family. One of our ‘Mothers Day’ gifts this year included a stick with weaved wildflowers that we hand picked ourselves!
Follow the link to watch my tutorial on YouTube!
Stick weaving tutorial:
Check out Chelsea on her Instagram for more projects, cute pics of Winnie and ideas!  @chelseaRmckee


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