Painless Spring Cleaning – Day 2


    Great work purging part of your closet yesterday!  If you went over 15 minutes and purged more, more power to you!

    Today is an easy day, but will still take at least 15 minutes.  Today you are going to take your donate pile from yesterday’s closet blitz to a donation center near you.  There just happens to be one about 3 miles from my house, so it will legitimately take 15 minutes or less.

    Today is very important because the task is to GET YOUR DONATED ITEMS OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND CAR.  I have personally driven donated items around in my car for weeks on end, “meaning” to drop them off.  Today you have one job – drop off your donated items.  It may be tempting to blow this off and not do it, thinking that you can do it on the weekend or next week or some date in the far future.  Fight that temptation and do it today!  I guarantee that it will feel so good to get things done.  You will be thrilled, at least on the inside, to accomplish this mini-goal.

    I hope that you are warming up to the 15 minute blitz, because tomorrow is a “chilly” day!

    You’re doing a great job!  Keep it up and see you tomorrow!


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