Painless Spring Cleaning – Day 5


my favorite mop 1So how does it feel to know you only have in-date food in your house?  Way to go!  This is an accomplishment that you can definitely pat yourself on the back for!

Today we’re still in the pantry, and this may be the most bite-the-bullet activity yet.  But I bet that you can’t tell me the last time you did this.

Today we clear the floor in your pantry, and sweep and mop it.  This is one of my least favorite jobs, and only because I have to move things out to be able to do it.  I keep my air fryer, my crock pot, and some storage on the floor of my pantry, just because I have about next to no storage here in our apartment.  But knowing that I am only spending 15 minutes in this blitz, and that it will be done until I do it again (probably 6 months) is a big relief!

This is another great way to maybe see if you are holding on to things you don’t need.  I frequently use my air fryer and crockpot, so I know those are keepers.  Maybe you have an extra waffle maker or a panini press that you used once and didn’t like.  Take the opportunity to simplify even today and donate small appliances you may no longer use.

Check your local area, but I bet that there are domestic abuse shelters that have a thrift store and would love to have small appliances to help women get started in a new living situation.

AFter today, take the weekend off and I’ll see you again on Monday!  Want a hint for Monday’s blitz? It is one the things that every house has, and it just needs a little organization to make it amazing!


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