Painless Spring Cleaning – Day 7


Hi Spring Cleaners!  I hope that you slept like a baby last night, having cleared the trash and unused from your junk drawer!  Today I want to share some video with you and then talk about storage solutions.  Check out the video here.

You can spend any amount of money that you want on storage containers.  If you want to go to the dollar store and get containers like I use in my video, you can do it on the cheap.  if you want to spend a little more and get clear plastic containers of different sizes for a little more, search for “drawer organizers” at your favorite online retailer. I will also tell you that in my time as an organizer, I have found clear plastic organizers that did not break the bank at Home Goods.  If money is no object, check out The Container Store.

The whole point of using mini-bins in your junk drawer is two-fold:  first, you have your area divided for different purposes; long dividers for things like pens, pencils, or the occasional fondue fork.  Smaller, square bins for birthday candles, paper clips, etc.  You get the general idea.  Second, taking up your space with containers does not leave room for you to make it messy again!  If there is no open space for random stuff, you avoid the sea of gunk in a messy junk drawer. Enjoy the video.  This is my “junk” drawer in my kitchen in my apartment.  Comment below with your funniest or weirdest thing you found in your junk drawer!

UPDATE: some complications with video, will be posted soon!


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