Thursday, January 21, 2021

Welcome to That Domestic Chick!


Hey howdy hey!  Y’all come on in.

I’m so excited about sharing my new blog and website with you.  If you ever read a blog post on The Flying Pants (a.k.a. Flying by the Seat of My Proverbial Pants), then you are familiar with how I like to share life in my own light-hearted way.

But there is actually a lot more to me, and part of that is encouraging people.  I love



To encourage people.

If I can help anyone become more of what God has made them to be, I am all over that like mayonnaise on a bologna sandwich!  The more people I meet and the longer I live, I see that there are so many amazing people that have highly different skills and talents.  I see how desperately this world needs all kinds of people to make life happen.  So that’s what this blog will be all about – celebrating differences.

We’ll be on a journey not to compare ourselves to other women,  not to see how we stack up against someone else – instead, we’ll see how women are different and how very extraordinary that is!

I’ll share some of my skills and talents — food prepping, cooking simple stuff, organizing, repurposing furniture and décor, cleaning, and throwing an awesome party.  These are all things I like and enjoy.  I’m also going to draw on the fabulous group of friends that I have to bring guest bloggers to That Domestic Chick.  Minimalist living, finance, sending your student back to school AND college, and photography are currently scheduled, and other cool blog topics will follow.

I’ll also be sharing profiles of women who are working the talents God gave them. I think you’ll enjoy reading their stories and seeing how each uses her unique combination of personality, skills, and talents to make a life that she takes pride in.

But all of this is to meet one goal:  help my readers recognize their own skills and talent and use them the best way they can.  I’ll use positivity and encouragement to point women not only to a God who loves them, but towards developing and using the unique lives they’ve been given.

So thanks for dropping in, and I hope you’ll visit again soon!