Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas is a Must-watch


Hey friends!

Since The Mandalorian is only being released a week at a time, you’ve got time on your hands.  Get ready for holiday decorating with Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas, only on Netflix.

Follow interior designer Benjamin Bradley, aka Mr. Christmas, as he responds to letters from people who need him to help with their holiday decor.  Follow the story of Patrice, who wants to take the reins of extended family Christmas; a very heartwarming story of Jeff the firefighter, whose father’s death leaves a giant hole in their community’s Christmas firehouse decorating; Danielle, whose upcoming marriage to one of our military may have her spending next year’s Christmas away from her loving and tight-knit family (by the way, their house is absolutely fabulous); and Iliana and Bob, who try to blend Hanukkah and Christmas in an organic and non-glitter way for their young family.

I have taken several ideas away from these episodes, at least one of which you’ll see soon here on website. Peppermint Garland, anyone?  Bradley shares a lot of great ideas but also some concepts as well, like let the size of your house dictate the size of your decorations (see E3).  There’s only four episodes, so you can binge it quick and get ready for your own Christmas decorating!

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