October is the beginning of baking season!

Nothing beats the smells of baking in a home — whether it’s cinnamon, apple, or any other yummy aroma, baking accentuates the fall season for me.  Here in Florida, we don’t get a lot of cold weather or falling leaves, so cooking those scent-abulous foods help us get in the mood for fall!

I’ll be posting recipes to tempt your palate and help bring in fall!  Try the ones you like and comment below how it went!  And we love “fails” at That Domestic Chick.  I’ve definitely had my share.

To kick off with, I want to post one my favorites, BANANA BREAD.  But this one adds in some mini chocolate chips, so feel free to use your favorite, maybe white chocolate chips or — do I even dare say it– butterscotch chips?  It’s always good to tweak recipes to exactly how you like it!

Thanks for this awesome recipe.