Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Painless Spring Cleaning – Day 4

So yesterday we went through the fridge and removed all the old/bad/ugly. 🙂 Today we are taking the blitz to your pantry!  We’re going to do remove the out-of-date food, the empty boxes, the cans whose “best by” passed years ago.

Get your trash bag and go to your pantry.  Here’s the trick to not getting bogged down:  Handle each item ONE TIME.  Go one shelf at a time.  Pick it up, check the date.  It’s a toss or save.  If it’s a save, put it back on the shelf, but push it all the way to the back so you can separate what you have been through from what’s still to go through.  But key words: ONE TIME. Remember, we only have 15 minutes, so we have to work fast and not get distracted.

Here’s a quick list for how long you can keep common pantry items:

  • black beans, baked beans, cooked beans, etc. commercially canned: 3-5 years
  • flour: 1 year (2 years refrigerated)
  • sugar (white/brown/artificial): indefinitely 🙂
  • pasta: 3 years
  • pasta with dry cheese sauce mix: 2 years
  • cereal: unopened, 1 year; opened, 2-3 months.

For more details or more foods, check out Still Tasty.

Don’t overload your bags, since you have to carry them out to the trash.  But definitely get rid of anything that is out-of-date, an empty box, or a food that you would never eat!  If you ever get gift baskets, you know what I am talking about!  Tiny pots of weird jelly, boxes of dry crackers, bag of chocolate-covered something with just a few crumbs left — toss.  Something you bought for a recipe that you do not use.  Toss it.

You are going to be so thrilled to have extra room in your pantry!  I can’t wait for you to see how amazing your pantry is!  Way to go, blitzer!

Terri Brown
Beautiful, creative, organized, people-lover – I am two or three of those things every day. I am also the mother of three adult children I am very proud of, and would love to have a Corgi one day. I love to help people by bringing order to chaos, show hospitality through food and planning events, and I’m learning calligraphy and hand lettering. Other favorites include cheesy cheese pizza, re-purposing home décor, using the crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner, and talking to people wherever I go.