Monday, October 3, 2022

Profile of a Woman – Nicole Butler

We celebrate women at That Domestic Chick.  One of the foundational beliefs at TDC is that women of all skills, talents, and levels of talents and skills are valuable and wonderfully created.  This feature, Profile of a Woman, will showcase women of all kinds and all talents.

Nicole Butler is a powerhouse that holds a full-time job, holds her dream job of being a fashion designer, and runs A & B Productions, a non-profit program to cultivate youth through television, film, stage and fashion.  Her latest project is “The Designer Kids Project,” which teaches girls how to bring their fashion ideas to reality.  It was established in Los Angeles and she has taken it on the road to other areas nationwide.

Most recently, Nicole and The Designer Kids Project worked with three young women to design and produce couture-level dresses for three other young women to wear to their proms.  Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, all three designers continued to work on their dresses to completion, and the three recipients took part in a photo shoot to showcase the designers’ work.  Did I mention that these designers are as young as 13?  Nicole is passionate about teaching fashion design and production and is passing these skills on to the next generation.

Nicole got started as a seamstress assistant, cutting out patterns, cutting fabric, and sewing basic seams, just helping in any way that was needed to put a garment together, including sewing on buttons.  She loves being creative and using her talents, so you can imagine that her worst job, an assembly line worker, was really the worst. “I did not like assembly line work.  It’s repetitious, very boring.  I like taking an idea from beginning to finish, so just doing the same thing over and over again was the worst,” she explained.  Nicole later went on to complete a two-year degree in Fashion Technology, and she has been designing and creating for years.  She likes to design one-of-a-kind garments that turn heads and make people take notice, a statement garment.  For example, the picture of the gold dress below is the same garment with the black pants and gold top – the dress transforms to another garment!  Nicole is also an amazing leader that is also humble, which is not always a combination you see, but a mark of seasoned leadership.

I asked Nicole, what does celebrating women mean to her?  She asserted that “It’s coming together, rejoicing and giving honor where honor is due.  When you see someone doing something outstanding, you want to make sure you give recognition to that area and let others know that what they’ve done is a great job.  Rather than envy people, give praise where praise is due and be happy for them.  Then when your turn comes around and you do something great, they will be happy for you.”

So what advice does an accomplished fashion designer have for women?  It has nothing to do with clothes. She believes women should learn what their talents and skills are and find your true purpose.  Learn that God loves you and that you have been wonderfully made.

Sounds like the best kind of beauty to have.

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