Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Profile of a Woman — Sheila Saffold

We celebrate women at That Domestic Chick.  One of the foundational beliefs at TDC is that women of all skills, talents, and levels of talents and skills are valuable and wonderfully created.  This feature, Profile of a Woman, will showcase women of all kinds and all talents.

This first profile is especially dear to my heart because this woman is the inspiration for That Domestic Chick.  A sister is a forever friend, and my sister has many talents and skills that I learn and benefit from.  So not only is she in a professional field, but she also does a lot of things that have nothing to do with her degree or titles.  So the ability to be a professional and domestic and anything else she wants be inspired me to branch out and use my skills and talents to do what I want to do.  As much as she has aspired to be in the corporate world, I have wanted to be a domestic goddess.  So even though we have different skills, we are both amazing.  All women have skills and talents and we want to celebrate that at That Domestic Chick.

Sheila Saffold is my amazing sister, but there’s much more to her than that.  She is very good with finance and planning, but she also makes a fierce spaghetti sauce from San Marzano tomatoes.  She is a shrewd negotiator, but can also put together a party for 100 in her back yard that will go down in history books as being “most epic.” She is great at setting goals and forging the path that will reach those goals.  She is a master of domestic arts, but she also is very good at being in touch with the needs of those she loves and likes to make their lives easier.  She’s also a breast cancer survivor.  So how did she get to this point in life?

Her very first job was mowing yards.  Our dad let her borrow our riding mower, and fronted her the money for a pair of gloves.  Later, her first “corporate” job was as a line cook for Burger King.  So she knows what it means to sweat and work!  She also knows what it’s like to be in a thankless, tough job.  Her worst job was working for a woman she describes as a “poster child for psycho hose beasts.”  The work was work she knew, but this woman, her manager, never backed Sheila up and did not support her in any way; in fact, she took every opportunity to not support her!  However, the sweetest day came when Sheila had another job lined up and was able to walk into her office and tell her that she would be leaving.

Sheila is a Florida State alumna and earned a degree in accounting, as well as completing the additional classwork to sit for the Certified Public Accountant exam, which she passed.  She also holds a Series 27 and Series 99 license and is now the Vice President of Broker/Dealer Regulatory Reporting at a major global bank.  Because I know her, I can tell you that she has worked very hard to get to this position and has put in the hours for years.

When I asked her what it means to “celebrate women,” she said, “God made women with different perspectives and interests.  We can defy stereotypes and be an individual person.  I enjoy shooting and marksmanship.  Not all women may enjoy this, but I do.  There’s just something about hitting a target that’s two football fields away that is very rewarding.”

Her advice for women?  “Be the person God made you to be and don’t worry about fitting into a mold.  Don’t worry about what people will say — they are going to talk, so give them something interesting to talk about.”  Sheila is a woman to follow, who embraces her skills and talents and is an encouragement to those around her.  I’m so proud to be her sister and to make her our first Profile of a Woman.



Terri Brown
Beautiful, creative, organized, people-lover – I am two or three of those things every day. I am also the mother of three adult children I am very proud of, and would love to have a Corgi one day. I love to help people by bringing order to chaos, show hospitality through food and planning events, and I’m learning calligraphy and hand lettering. Other favorites include cheesy cheese pizza, re-purposing home décor, using the crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner, and talking to people wherever I go.